The Eight Stages of the Edit

... as copied from a printout on the wall at the place where I digitise. Origin unknown. Argue on the precise ordering/ repetition amongst yourselves.

  1. Optimism - "This could be really good."

  2. Confidence - "This is great!"

  3. Doubt - "This is what they want, right?"

  4. Resolve - "Fuck 'em! We can do this!"

  5. Despair - "Fuck, we can't do this!"

  6. Siege Mentality - "Fuck everyone, what the fuck do they know?"

  7. Insane Euphoria - "Hahahahahaha! Who gives a fuck? Let's edit with our toes like Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot. Let's voice it ourselves. On helium. Let's fashion part three from brie or jam or Old Spice or bits of dog."

  8. Relief - "Pub?"