Some screengrabs

The documentary's finally onto the post-editing stages (i.e. sound and colour). We ended up getting another editor who spoke Italian to do some work to finish it off, I think the final count was 10 or 11 weeks in the edit between everyone.

This is one of the later stages, complete with temporary subtitles. The main video (and associated audio) is mostly coloured by character or location, which helped to give a decent at-a-glance indication of how the overall structure was looking without having to go through scene by scene every time we moved something.

Doc edit in AXP Doc edit in AXP

Meanwhile, the animation's been moving... well, as quickly as these things do, I guess. Most of the significant line drawing's almost complete (there are assistants to do intermediate steps, as well as colouring once a few frames have been done), and we've altered the timing of a few shots now where it seemed right in the animatic, but had to change slightly once motion was added. There's more still to come, but it makes the most sense to just spend half an hour each day with the director and run through any queries and recent work - less frequently if there's a lot of other stuff going on, but she's the fastest WACOM user in the West! Since she's working with stills for the filmed backgrounds, the best bet's probably going to be to reimport the final film with the new timings, alter the HDCAM backgrounds to sync with the film, then re-export for the compositing stages.

A still from the NFTS short animation 'Cherry On The Cake' A still from the NFTS short animation 'Cherry On The Cake'

I've also been learning a bit of DVD Studio Pro in my downtime, with a view to producing a proper showreel DVD with complete films within each type of thing that I've cut (documentary, animation, fiction, adverts, promos etc). I'd done some really basic stuff with it in the past, and I'm still going the long way around on some things I'm sure, but anything which allows this amount of control is worth it:

Preliminary thoughts on editing showreel layout in DVD Studio Pro Preliminary thoughts on editing showreel layout in DVD Studio Pro

... yes, that IS a picture from Cherry in the background. It's intentionally blurred, and makes an appearance in the film in a photo frame - the level of detail on that model was fantastic.

Time to clear some of the 50+ hours of documentary rushes from my hard drives to make way for the fiction. After that is a sketch show (post planned for October/November), then it's just supervising post on the films I've done and out into the 'real' world. Easy.