Showreel now online

In what some would call an extraordinary feat of self-publicising (whilst others may point out that that's sort of what a blog/ website is anyway), here's my present showreel:

I intend to do another one in a few months' time once all of the grad projects are over, since they should technically be my showcase pieces... but I find it useful to at least know that I've got something up before the great (and quite probably eternal) job search begins. There's just no way of knowing what time I'll have free between now and then - though my documentary edit has at least now resumed after reshoots. Which means yet more digitising... in many ways I can't wait for everything to go tapeless, but if it could hold off for just a bit longer whilst I'm not relying on digitising jobs to eat, that'd be fantastic.... Though my recent frustrations with exporting and uploading to network (for backup) a 22,000+ HDCAM resolution TARGA sequence suggest that there'll still be jobs around for a while yet. Also that my WD 1TB firewire drive was indeed a good investment. It's turned out to be a vital piece of kit in the last few weeks.