It never rains...

There must be some law of blogging or general internet social communication, similar to Godwin's Law (but without the Nazis), which covers the situation that whenever things which are worthy of telling others are happening you're too busy actually doing them to be able to tell anyone else about them in a way which is worthy of their scale.

This week, for example. It's the first week of the 5 week (scheduled) documentary graduation film. The animation grad film that I've been working on the storyboard/ animatic for has started shooting the live backgrounds with another shoot scheduled for next month, and there are treatments for the fiction (shooting July/August) flying around. To top it all off, in a certain amount of style admittedly, this week we've had Roger Deakins and Mike Leigh come in to the school to show us some of their work and answer questions on their work and techniques. I may be an editor rather than a cinematographer or director, but both of them were so inspiring and with enough to say about how they collaborated with the other departments that both sessions were truly unmissable.

So my intended post on my efforts and attempted/ intended workflow on working in a foreign language or two which I don't speak will have to wait a while. But it's an experience I knew I'd appreciate. And I'm picking up a bit of the language as I go too!