Site updates

Over the last few days, during the quiet(er) moments, I've been trying to do some work on my website. Some of it's not visible, some of it's very small indeed - for example, the new favicon which I'm actually quite happy with: favicon

Some of it however is fairly significant. I've uploaded some clips to my previous work page (which can be no longer than 10% of the total film running time according to school rules - it's a festivals and rights thing as I understand it), added my most recent fiction short, and added a 'current projects' page to the blog along with status updates - once they get going in a major way I may break them up into seperate pages per project depending on how much it's possible to write on them.

I hope to also get a flashy-cutty 'showreel to music' thing up to just quickly show the types of project that I've been involved in, but I'm still waiting to hear back from the school on that as the additional lengths of clips would take it over 10% - although a bare minimum of original sound remains. I'm not sure how much people look at that sort of thing professionally, but it's probably more accessible to my family and friends who don't work in the industry.