First Post

I always find myself fascinated by people who don't keep a diary. Maybe I'm absent-minded, maybe I just have too damn much going on in my life and don't necessarily know what I'll be doing in 6 hours' time let alone next week, maybe they all just have some higher filing system set up.... but my life would fall apart without knowing who I've signed each specific hour away to on any given day, and then being able to look back several months later to check up on invoices and schedules and the like.

Well today I upgraded. Surprisingly not technologically - I can't be fussed with all of that PDA stuff - charging it up, spending even more of my life gazing at an LCD screen, being laughed at by the Blackberry brigade... no, I've gone for the good old fashioned filofax. Last seen in the 1980s. So it must be coming round again soon, right?

I'll attribute my excessive joy at looking through it and buying it accessories already as a mix of the girly need for stationery at the start of a new school year, plus sheer utter boredom and a need for life to restart again soon. For now, my NFTS dissertation's about as close as it gets. And let's face it - watching endless Red Dwarf reruns on Dave is more interesting than that.