Back to school

The new school year at the NFTS begins tomorrow. Of course, I've been back since Wednesday 16th, but that's generally the lot of the editing students. One of us came back on the 2nd, but he's mad (and was doing a few exciting extra-curricular projects).

Personally, I was quite content to take the opportunity to take an entire four weeks of not doing anything whilst not experiencing "the fear". The next time I spend a month at my parents' house, I'll be growing ever more concerned about the fact that I seem not to have worked for an ever-increasing amount of time... but hey, I've got a whole year before worrying about that, right?

Anyway, it was definitely worth coming back early - Lucy Kaye's documentary "Davey's Last Order" was generally well-received. We have a few points to look at next week before we start all of the exports, but it's more of a perfectionism/ knowing what's actually in the rushes which could add to the film thing rather than having to fill in any gaps. Taking that month off for Christmas once we had a mostly complete rough cut actually proved invaluable (it wasn't just me - she went off to Senegal for the entire month!), and we found it so much more easy to find the focus of our film and to excise any unneeded material. Going back to the rushes also wasn't as painful as it can be, having had the gap. Sadly, I'd imagine it's rarely if ever practical to cut that way... but perhaps you just need to find that state of mind once before being able to return to it again. It's often the way, and a pretty good example of why I'm glad I decided to come to film school - to have the chance to try out different things (whether intentional or by circumstance), and just see what happens. Great things have come of similar techniques in the past, after all!