Pete Lord, Aardman Animations

Judith worked for me on the VFX team of my film "The Pirates! in An Adventure With Scientists" as the VFX editor. I hugely appreciated her hard-work, her attention to detail, her dry wit and her amazing patience with me in particular - because the very complicated VFX task on the Pirates was very unfamiliar. 
She's very knowledgeable, and proficient with all the various strands of VFX, but more important to me, she has a great can-do attitude and was always finding solutions rather than posing problems. 
I recommend her highly!

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Melanie Callaghan, Aardman Animations

Judith's excellent relationship with the edit department, especially the editor and first assistant editor, made it especially straightforward to get the information we needed often at short notice, and her understanding of the VFX processes and workflow ensured that we could get that information into the format that we needed quickly.

Judith also ran a number of director reviews for the previz and CGI animation elements which needed to be integrated seamlessly into the film. It was her responsibility to liaise with the coordinators and supervisors to keep the timelines up to date on the Avid at all times, and to make live adjustments to the shots during these reviews. At all times I found her efforts to ensure that she had the correct information to be outstanding.

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