Blue Zoo - Editor

I edited a brand new animation series called Q Pootle 5 for Blue Zoo, in association with Snapper Productions. We made 52 x 11min episodes, which were broadcast on CBeebies in the UK, as well as ABC in Australia, KiKA in Germany, VGTRK in Russia, YLE 2 in Finland, TG4 in Ireland, HOP!TV in Israel, and MTVA in Hungary.

The preschool series focussed on the adventures of an alien called Q Pootle 5 and his friends Oopsy, Stella, Eddi, Groobie, Ray, and Bud-D.

Aardman Features - VFX Editor

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists / Band of Misfits (international title)

I was originally hired by the VFX department to update the Avid during the previs stage to run exports and conform our sequences to the latest edit. As time went on, my role evolved as I took on more duties and responsibilities and started to oversee the delivery of VFX shots, until I ultimately gained a credit as VFX Editor for the film.

In this role I also trained my own assistant, who because responsible for prepping screenings and updating documents on the asset management network.

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists is a stereoscopic stop-motion animation feature film, which was released worldwide in March 2012.

Previs responsibilities -

  • updating shots in timelines

  • conforming sequences to editorial changes

  • listing changes to be made to conform to the latest edit

  • briefing artists and supplying them with appropriate reference materials

  • running departmental reviews with directors and various heads of department

VFX responsibilities -

  • sending latest versions to editorial

  • tracking shot approvals

  • providing version delivery lists for intermediary conforms, trailers, promotional materials, and the final film

  • communicating and tracking requests from directors/ editorial for changes to shots which will have an impact on VFX work.

  • relaying information about new and cut shots to the VFX department

  • responding to queries about approved take versions, edit changes, greenscreen plate sync

  • creating temporary effects in Avid for VFX artists to see how the plates could interact and to remove distractions such as rigging for screenings.

See also "A Day In The Life at Aardman VFX" for an example of my day to day work schedule.