Pirates Trailaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrs

The first teaser trailers are out for Pirates!

The first is the UK version, with the "In an Adventure with Scientists" tag. Based on a good old sea shanty, this is the one that most of us (in a rather informal poll around the table at lunch) prefer:



And then there's the international version, tagged "Band of Misfits". The more cynical among us wonder if the mention of science in a movie title could put some people off. Probably. Still, it's of a different tone to the first. And less claymation-Aardman, in a sense. Which would be fair - the techniques employed in the film are significantly more technologically advanced than anything they've done in a feature film before - see Wired's "How Aardman is embracing the digital age" article for further musings.



Still, public reaction so far seems to have been good, our director and producer are off out in Cancun and LA doing the initial promotional circuit, and I'm looking forward to the world finding out more about the film.