Festival Season!

It's that time of year.

'Cherry On The Cake', the NFTS graduation animation I edited is playing at the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival in the International Student Shorts Award section this month (incidentally competing against another NFTS graduation animation from the year before which just won a Welsh BAFTA), and 'The Love Bureau', the NFTS graduation documentary, is at Archipelago in Rome next week.

Other graduation films which I wasn't involved in are also doing really well - another animation called The Incredible Story of My Great Grandmother Olive was nominated for a Student Academy Award (Best Honorary Foreign Film), and one of the fictions went to Cannes (Cinéfondation) - see producer Michelle Eastwood's account at FilmLondon.org.uk.

There are also three animations, a documentary and a fiction screening at Edinburgh this year, with 5 graduates who worked on them named amongst Skillset's Trailblazers for 2009.

It all seems as if it's finally starting, that our yeargroup which officially finished in December is starting to make an impact and become known. People are passing on work to each other through word of mouth and being asked to recommend people from other disciplines for future work, we're getting involved in small collaborative projects with each other... exciting times indeed.