Still struggling on...

According to the majority of agencies, it seems that to really get onto their books (and therefore have access to the types of jobs which don't get advertised), then either I need to get more broadcast experience or there needs to be less recession. And since the former is somewhat of a catch-22 and the latter is out of my control... it's on with the unpaid work whilst continuing to apply for the jobs which are advertised and trying to build up my connections.

I do certainly have a few interesting side-projects on the go - of which there will be more news as it comes. And two of the films I edited whilst at the NFTS are now on the IMDb, so I now have my own page there on which I am described as an editor... which feels good. Almost as if by being described as an editor on that site means that I really am a professional editor from an external point of view. And in such early stages of my career at a really difficult time in the industry, the validation is comforting.

In any case, I have updated my excerpt reel. I'm in the process of making a documentary reel to go alongside it, but this one is for drama and animation:


As usual, any feedback is appreciated.