NFTS '09 Graduates - links

With the graduation ceremony at the start of the month came a lot of new websites (or at least placeholders) from my yeargroup at the National Film and Television School. We have profiles on the NFTS website for the next year or so with links where available (a lot of people don't seem to have sites yet), but I thought I'd collect them all together in one place in case anyone reading this is interested in seeing what other people from my year are up to. Or you've found my site via searching but want to know more about someone from a different discipline.

I find it interesting that the Cinematographers and Composers seem to be most on the ball with this, whilst some courses (directing fiction, screenwriting, production management diploma) don't seem to be represented at all... and because of course changes we had no digital post production or sfx/vfx diploma graduates in our 'class', but the courses are alive and well.

So here we are, for your investigative/ hiring purposes: