Hello, wordpress

I've just migrated my blog from movable type to wordpress. Whilst I do enjoy learning new programming languages (ish) and being able to customise to my heart's content, movable type was just a little too advanced for me and most of the time I had no idea what had gone wrong whenever something didn't appear right, or hadn't logged in correctly. There are some features I miss, and I haven't had a proper play yet... but ease of use is a pretty big thing for me, and wordpress just slid right on. Links should have been redirected, new RSS feed.

So here's the new blog, which I can also update from school - which may be slightly dangerous. In any case, I'm currently officially half-way through my winter fiction edit (last fiction before the graduation films) - though only just past the first cut stage because of spending the first week waiting for the year above's grad films to play out on the HDCAM deck I needed,  then sorting through the rushes once I'd digitised them. But it's now resembling a film, however lumpy.

I've now teamed up for my graduation animation film. I'm working with Hye Bin Lee, who I'm really happy to be working with again after an excercise last year, and Michelle 'BAFTA nominated' Eastwood. As some called her at the time. We're getting our documentary pitches later this week, then fiction after our Easter break. Presumably once we've finished editing the current project and the directors have had time to properly think about their films.

Oh, and Walter Murch visited the school for a day. Weird guy, but great. Covered a lot of the stuff that's in In the Blink of an Eye, but also had some very entertaining images and techniques. And my fellow editors at school no longer see me as hyper-organised, relatively speaking (though they still mock my colour scheming). But he's very careful to stress that these things are what works for him - different people may find different styles. Just because he likes to wear the same jumper when sound-mixing, and take photos of the buildings where he's edited (with his window circled) he's not suggesting that we all do!

Except you should always stand up - he’s quite clear on that. Good old Walter.