Life management

A wordle interpretation of my life

Playing around with Wordle, I entered in the text from my 'about' sections here and on my website as well as my CV.... and generated the above. It's interesting to see without the surrounding context - some things are titles or synopses of projects, some things are background information which aren't so relevant to what I do now, seperate words are broken up... but I suppose it's fairly similar to how a computer would see the site, and also shows the emphasis (however unintentional) on certain words.

It's fairly elementary, but the Doctor Who Confidential (BBC iPlayer - I believe only accessible from the UK) from last week has quite a nice insight to sound post-production processes for the uninitiated. Sound is always something I feel I'm lacking in - either I put off laying temp tracks etc for longer than I should within the editing process, or I just play around for ages with controls without any real sense of what I'm doing when I try to achieve a certain technical effect. Foley recording, however, I love. Take that as you will.... it seems fairly counter-intuitive for an editor, but the rhythms and the precise timbres of sounds synched to a video just appeals to a certain side of me which I guess I usually use in dialogue scenes more than anything, but comes from my musical and orchestral past.

Also, I'm considering my next phone. I think I'll need email and internet, and I'm torn between the iPhone, a Blackberry, or a Nokia (E90) Communicator.It's a few months away, but I'm currently swaying towards the Nokia, unless anyone has any insights?