The end is nigh

Having picture locked* the graduation fiction 'Mr Perfect' (working title), I'm now on my FINAL edit whilst at the NFTS. Animation is still very much an on-going process, but we're still meeting up for tweaks of recent work and discussion of recent tutor comments.

What I'm now working on (inbetween supervising mixes and onlines where theoretically possible) is JUNK TV, a grad project from the TV department in the form of a 30 minute sketch show. There's a real mix of studio-based multicamera, location, footage shot on mobile phones, adlibbing.... it's going to be great fun to cut.

*I say picture locked.... it's basically at 95%. One of our sequences had music composed very early to a fairly loose cut and when it was trimmed down it lost a lot of its humour. I believe that it's a case of getting the music to sync again (the composer's working on it still - it's the way we do things here), but we may have to look a bit more at the sequence to see if there's any way to bring certain elements out more once the music's been finalised with a new tempo